Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jake, at his kindergarten class party. I like the expression on the face of his little classmate, Snow White.

Kyle, at his class party in 3rd grade! Decorating pumpkins.

The costume parade...Kyle, a Braves baseball player.

And Jake, also a Braves baseball player! Hhmmm...I wonder who talked him into dressing up like that?

Maggie, at her preschool Halloween party. I like how she's holding her dress up!

Kyle, Jake and Maggie at Mrs. Julie's preschool...just before they go eat more candy!

Maggie loves the spooky witch's potion! Had a hard time getting her away from it!

Happy Halloween! Kyle, Jake and Maggie with cousins Dougie, Jessica and Sophia, in Orem, at Grandma & Grandpa's house! We were waiting for a break from the rainstorm before going trick-or-treating so, we ate chili, soup and cornbread to pass the time!

Jake, me, Kyle, Maggie and Sam, halloween 2010! (Go Giants!)

Sam and do you like my nylons? Other than my cool SF t-shirt, the nylons were my favorite thing!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We went up to my parents' house for Raspberry Days at Bear Lake. While there, Jake learned how to ride their little ATV all by himself. My dad set up a little track for him to ride around on and practice starting, stopping and turning. He did a great job and looked surprisingly comfortable driving that little machine around! He had a terrific time!

Riding ATV's though, does have its downside. Jake's thumb kept getting sore. He wanted a picture taken of it, so there is Jake's ATV sore thumb.

Jake's getting instructions from my dad and Sam. He was attentive and happy to learn all he could!

Kyle and Jake have been the best of buddies lately and I think it is so stinking cute! The boys decided Kyle's bed is big enough for both of them to sleep in it.

Kyle saw to it that Jake got a Braves hat, just like him. Now, if there is ever a time that Kyle sees Jake not wearing his hat, he'll ask Jake, "Where is your Braves hat? Why aren'tyou wearing it?" Jake better have a good excuse!

One of my most favorite pictures of all time! Two handsome boys!

So the new rule around our house is: blankets have to stay in bedrooms. So, Mr. Jake thought he'd outsmart me and hide his blanket on his person so he could have it near him at all times and I would never know! What a sweet boy!

Of course, I had to get a shot from a different angle, just so you can get the full effect!!

These are Jake's all too cool Toy Story pj's. As you can plainly see, when Jake wears these pj's, he has to include his hat, boots and piecce of grass hanging out of his mouth. Love him!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kyle was bound and determined to ski on 2 skiis this summer. His first time out, he did not get up, but the next day he did it! He's such a fun little boy! Sam and I were so excited for him and quite proud as well.

I guess we stressed the whole 'keep your legs bent and close to your chest' enough because when Kyle got up and was skiing, he didn't know he could straighten up!

He had great fun though! He said he liked it better than snow skiing. I told him I agree with that! Who wouldn't like water skiing better?

Lake Powell 2010! Just before we headed the boat back in to the marina, we snapped this family photo! Those of us not wearing shoes had extremely hot toes on the roof of the houseboat! We had nice, warm weather down there and a great time with the whole family!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Of course, our "Mr. Perfect Kyle" finds a four-leaf clover...a real, actual, bonafide four-leaf clover! I couldn't believe it! I told him I'd been looking for a four-leaf clover my whole life and I was beginning to believe they didn't really exist! So now, whenever something good happens to him, he says it must be because he found a four-leaf clover! Cute boy!!

Uncle Tyler came to Utah for a short visit and we had so much fun seeing him! This is our 'nice smiles' picture.

And this is our 'silly smiles' picture...which had to be taken first in order to get the kids ok with the idea of doing the 'nice smiles' picture!!